Wet Hopping

Hop harvest

The hops were harvested.

Brewing with the addition of wet hops

Added to the brew.

Wet hopping

And, finally, wet hopped.

Prior to pouring the elixir into the carboy the hops were removed. It’s been fermenting next to my desk all week and will be placed in the secondary fermenter this weekend. Perhaps we’ll be drinking it by this time next week!


5 thoughts on “Wet Hopping

  1. Ohhhhhh, I can’t wait to show my husband this!! He may want to marry you, too. 🙂 But how can you drink it so quickly? We have to wait a lot longer. Maybe you have a different fermenting method?

    • We usually wait a really long time BUT we have 15 house guests this weekend creating an urgency. It will be cloudy but tasty still. I think he said that it’s 6.25% alcohol by volume.

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