And now… Vermont!

Vermont tractor

Now that I’ve covered Maine and New Hampshire it’s time to give Vermont a turn but don’t look for Connecticut and Rhode Island in the coming weeks, school’s back in session and our traveling days are ovah. I was in Vermont for a little reunion… high school… let’s just say it’s a year that ends in 5. Most of the photos that I came home with aren’t blog worthy (ahem) but I had the great fortune of taking a leisurely drive home down route 7 through Manchester, VT (outlets), Bennington, VT (Bennington Potters), the Berkshire’s (gorgeous!) and Lenox, MA (more outlets… back to school shopping, of course). Most of route 7 is a rural 2-lane highway where, in Vermont, nothing says target more than an out-of-stater on the side of the road.

So I took my life in my hands and got out of the car for a couple shots. As you can see in the top photo the leaves on the hills are just starting to turn and if you are one who believes that the changing of the leaves is because of cooler temperatures then this summer will prove you wrong.

Vermont's green mountains

If I was on this photo excursion of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont last summer most of the shots would be of rain and cloudy skies. This summer has been incredible! I’m not sure why but I have never paid much attention to the beauty of a field of golden rod and the bright blue sky above. I am in love!


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