Maine Monday: Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace bokeh

“A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place.”
– George Washington Carver.

Queen Anne's Lace dof

Queen Anne's Lace ocean

When we were in Maine it just happened to be the height of the Queen Anne’s Lace season. Now, previous to my Picture Spring class where I discovered the beauty of the dandelion, I thought the Queen Anne’s Lace to be nothing but a nuisance flower and/or weed.

Queen Anne's Lace and Biddeford Pool

How fortunate this flower is to have such magnificent views!

Queen Anne's Lace bay

I should have given this flower much more respect given its royal name.

Queen Anne's Lace sky

Queen Anne's Lace w/soft bokeh

But with the way it’s been crowding out my garden I had never felt anything but animosity.

Queen Anne's Lace <3

And, as if I needed a reminder, here is the Queen Anne’s Lace demanding a little love (heart shape in lower right-hand corner).


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