Farmer’s Market: Fall edition


It’s been quite a while since I last made it to the Farmer’s Market. My last visit was hot, humid, accompanied by kids and an ice cream treat. Yesterday was cool (low 70’s), comfortable, childless and the ice cream vendor was no longer in attendance. I wonder if he knows that back to school means back to routine and back to watching what you eat.


There was an abundance of fall harvest.


Newly harvested fall crops.


Plenty of fall decor.



Gourd birdhouses.


Fall flowers.

snapdragon dof



I know that many feel that zinnias are their favorite annual but I’m not one of them. I do like the color and especially these that look heirloom but I don’t like how the flowers grow and the leaves hang on them brown and ugly looking. I suppose if you plan right you could have something planted in front of them to hide the ugliness.

With all these signs of fall I’m still in denial. I LOVE summer so much and I love the hot weather. I like being outside and I love the fresh air. My friend, Susan, recently summed it up precisely “I love fall! I promise! But I have a hard time enjoying it when I know what’s coming next. It’s like one of those days where the baby naps allllll day. And it’s so awesome. And you get so much done. But, in the back of your mind you know the utter hell that is coming that night.” Reprinted without her knowledge. 🙂

I just now realized that I missed Maine Monday. D’oh! Back to it next week!

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market: Fall edition

  1. Ooooh, you had me at low ’70s and childless. 🙂 Love those gourd birdhouses! That looks like such an awesome fall day. Love Susan’s quote – it is so true! I hadn’t really thought about fall that way, but she’s right. I do love fall, though – especially after these brutal Tennessee summers.
    Zinnias are my favorite annual – not so much because of how they look, but because they remind me of my childhood in Oregon and Pennsylvania. My dad, who has an amazing green thumb, planted zinnias everywhere, and they always grew up so healthy and giant. I have some in a planter on our back porch, but mine never turn out quite as well.

  2. Love all this brightness and color! The lovely weather we’ve had this week is making it harder to believe summer is out and fall is in. I should really try to get to a farmers’ market before they are gone for the season. I think we’re going to pick apples this weekend though – yum!

    • Mmmmm… apples! Stella and I hiked Rice Nature Preserve today and saw lots and lots of apples. Stella even ate a few on the ground.

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