Autumn in Rice Nature Preserve

Devine foliage intervention

I can officially refer to it as autumn now that it’s almost 24 hours old. Stella and I, along with my good friend Karen, took advantage of the gorgeous weather in pursuit of a little exercise for the pup and a photo-op for us. It had been a week since Stella and I were last up in this preserve and I was totally amazed by how much the foliage had changed. Last week it was mostly green with small hints of color but not this week… there was an explosion of color!




Stella didn’t have much appreciation for the color (being color blind and all) but had a blast running through the forest and fields.

Karen spied a couple praying mantis’.

Praying mantis

Wildflowers added even more color to the landscape.

Purple aster?

Milkweed pods were bursting with seeds.

Milkweed pod

And some were floating in the breeze.

Floating milkweed

Floating milkweed parachutes

Rice Nature Preserve is 150 acres of preserve land owned by the town. The preserve sits atop 90 privately owned acres of farmed fruit trees, mostly apple and peach.

Apple boxes


The foliage is way ahead of schedule… the summer was hot and dry and I’m guessing that’s the reason why. We have had 3-4 rainy days since June. And I was just talking with someone yesterday how it seems that there is an abundance of everything… acorns, bunnies, chipmunks, and squirrels.

Stella and I will hike up there again next week when it should be even closer to peak foliage.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in Rice Nature Preserve

  1. Beautiful! So cool seeing the point of view of someone else from a place I have been. I will definitely have to get the dogs up there for a walk before the color is gone. And pretty cool that you were walking up there with a Karen! 😉

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