Retro Big E

Big E

We have a huge fair here in these parts. The Big E is the largest fair in the northeast and people from all over come to eat over-sized cream puffs and the Craz-E burger.. it’s a bacon cheeseburger between the halves of a honey glazed donut (barf). My absolute favorite part of the fair is the Avenue of States… 6 large, free-standing buildings that feature places and products that each state has made famous. New Hampshire had a lot of maple products (I bought my favs… maple candy, maple cream and MAPLE! COTTON! CANDY!) along with a fly fishing demonstration. Vermont also had maple products as well as Ben and Jerry’s. Maine is known for their baked potatoes and lines form 100 people long just to get a baked potato from the Maine bldg. I wanted one but not that bad. Rhode Island had seafood and fried fish and Connecticut and Massachusetts had their specialties.

ferris wheel midway

Of course there is a midway with many rides. Since we were there without kids (for shame!) it wasn’t the focus of our day but we did go on one ride, the ferris wheel. I wanted to be up high and to be able to overlook the valley on this particularly gorgeous fall day. I loved the retro design of the ferris wheel and it inspired me to edit my photos in the same manner. As always, the photos look so much better big so click through to my Flikr page if you want to enjoy them in full.

ferris wheel

colorful Big E

retro ferris wheel

ferris wheel chairs

ferris wheel flags

ferris wheel foliage

The Big E closes this weekend which is a sure sign of the end of summer.


5 thoughts on “Retro Big E

  1. What great views of of New England’s Great State Fair! I haven’t been in years! I do miss gorging myself on all the awesome junk food there. Looks like you had a gorgeous day for it!

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