Picture Fall: Get Comfy

Get Comfy

Throughout history, fall is the time to reap all the benefits of the hard work we’ve put in through the year. Why not celebrate the harvest by getting comfortable. Find that place that you feel most at home and let yourself settle in a bit. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or pop some popcorn (the quintessential snack food for fall) and put your feet up.

Capture your easy chair (or the equivalent) in an image that shows the true comfort of your soul. Try to translate with your camera this feeling of being truly at home with yourself.

With the approaching New England winter I value our southern facing house and the sun that warms my favorite reading spot.


5 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Get Comfy

  1. What a wondeful looking spot! I think I could be very comfy there! 🙂
    Cute that we both included the dogs in our shots for this prompt. I think Daphne would be just as happy as Stella in that window seat.

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