Picture Fall: Morning Light

Morning Light

If you’ve ever risen before the rest of the world, you’ve experienced the quiet and calm that is unique to early morning hours. It’s not easy to find that stillness in the hustle of racing to get out the door to start our busy day. Taking a few minutes to center yourself (by drinking in some inner-peace if you will) can set the right precedent for the day ahead.

No matter what your morning might look like, find something, anything at all, that whispers the kind of quiet reassurance you need to ease yourself into your day today.

The only light this morning was the artificial kind, not exactly, but there wasn’t any sunshine casting long, inspiring shadows. It was dark, dreary and chilly. Sitting at my computer enjoying my morning routine of drinking coffee while reading email, I pulled up the Picture Fall prompt seeking morning light. Then I visited the Shutter Sisters blog where imperfection was the topic of the day and now of the month. I formulated my dual inspiration photo… my coffee cup, as seen above, has a chip right where I am supposed to sip but I love this cup, it’s tall and has a shape that I really like.  Plus, there’s the adorable little dog.  I don’t want to toss it.  To me it’s perfectly imperfect.


3 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Morning Light

  1. Huh, different pic than from the gallery here. Yesterday certainly was a dreary morning. I hope I wasn’t cheating using Saturday morning’s light! I’m still trying to figure out today’s prompt!

  2. Love this picture! And to answer your question you asked in your comment in my post today over at Shutter Sisters, yes, the Kindness Tree is at a public school. A very AWESOME public school, I might add. 😉
    Also, you DID know your picture was chosen as today’s picture for the One Word Project? Great photos, girl!

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