Picture Fall: Little Reminders

Yesterday’s photo was featured today on the Shutter Sisters One Word Project. Yay!

Little Reminders

First, I need to point out to readers that aren’t already aware that the text in italics is not my writing, it’s Tracey Clark who is the instructor of the class that I’m taking, Picture Fall.  I receive a prompt in my email inbox each morning during the month of October.  I’ve had a couple people comment on how wonderful my writing is and I think that they are mistaking Tracey’s words for mine.

I am a firm believer in the power of self-talk. I think that the most important conversations we have are the ones we have with ourselves. When we listen to the whispers of our heart and soul, we know exactly what we need to do. First on the list, be kind to ourselves.

We all have certain words that either remind us of something we need to hear or affirm the truth we hold dear. The words are different for all of us and they can change from day to day, or they can always be the same. Either way, today find the words you need to hear. Whether you stumble across the message via magic or serendipity, or you scratch them out on paper, take a picture of a simple reminder.

Since pre-school we’ve signed “I love you”, when they walked into school and then, later, onto the bus. Now we do it because it’s cooler than saying it out loud. I have this sculpture placed on top of a secretary that I pass each time I leave and enter the house. It’s one of my little reminders.

I love you

In case you are wondering, the top photo was edited with Picnik. I found a tutorial for adding and adjusting layers. I placed the bottom photo on top of the one with the kids and then I just faded the bottom photo. I haven’t yet learned how to do this with Photoshop.

3 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Little Reminders

  1. All the stuff you’re learning (i.e. layers!) is so cool. I love this idea. Before Sawyer started talking, he would sign this to me and my heart still melts every time. 🙂

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