Picture Fall: Keeping it Simple

keeping it simple

Today’s prompt:

Sometimes, the best way to learn about using light to enhance your photography is to keep it simple. Using a single object to help as you begin your study can be more effective and easier than working with moving targets (like people). You just have to work with your subject; move it around, watch the light on your object as it reflects, highlights, and shapes the form you are working with. The object and the light will begin to reveal their relationship to each other once you really start looking. Seeing the light (quite literally) is how you have to start.

Today you will study light. Find some object that appeals to you and use the light around you (indoors or out) to illuminate it.

I probably took 50 photos of this bowl in varying positions before I found one that appealed to me. Still, though, I don’t love it. I think that the biggest challenge for me is simplicity. Simple, colorless photos don’t appeal to me. I crave color. I took my photos for this prompt and then went for a jog so I could think about it with a clear head (I jog for mental clarity as much as for physical health) and while jogging it occurred to me that the beauty in the above picture is the bokeh (blurred background light) that mimics the design in the glass.

What the prompt was probably looking for looks more like this photo.

morning light water fountain

Water tumbling out of the fountain captured with my macro and a shutter speed of 1/8000s. Although the water is crystal clear the lack of color is unappealing.

Morning light pampas grass

While I was out searching to fulfill my Keeping it Simple prompt I photographed the above pampas grass. The sun was just rising and the light had found the one frond while the others remained in the dark.

Light a pumpkin candle

I also found some flare on this pumpkin cairn. Light a pumpkin candle.

Double autumn rainbow

Finally, yesterday, on our drive home, we spotted this incredibly amazing rainbow made even more spectacular by the autumn colors and the setting sun. And, if you look really hard, you can see a double rainbow that I didn’t spot until I pulled it up on my screen. I could kick myself hard for not have my DSLR with me. At least I had a point and shoot.


2 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Keeping it Simple

  1. Oh I saw that awesome rainbow yesterday too! My pictures of it are not good. I first saw it when I was driving home from a miserable experience in Westfield (OMG don’t go there if you can avoid it right now!) but didn’t have my camera with me. By the time I grabbed it and got to a spot where it was visible to me again, it was beginning to fade.
    That is a beautifully clear capture of the water. I’m a color girl too, but I can appreciate the simple beauty there. And a 1/8000 shutter speed, wowee!
    I find the “pumpkin cairn” wonderful too. The bokeh of the bowl is pretty cool – kinda like a disco ball.

  2. wow! you found some great examples. I like them all. I agree with color but, in this case, I have to admit I really like the running water. It almost looks like ice.

    I’m enjoying your interpretations of the challenges.

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