Fall Foliage


No trip to Vermont and New Hampshire in the fall would be complete without taking photos of the foliage. On our drive to Windsor, VT and the Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest I took several pictures from inside the car. Most of them with my polarized sunglasses over my lens. I should really get a polarizing filter but I really liked the old school effect it gave the photos.

Foliage through rose colored glasses 10/10/10 @10 a.m.

(photo taken on 10/10/10 @10:10 a.m.)

If you’ve never been to New England it’s hard to really get the full effect of the foliage. It’s like you’ve Photoshopped the landscape with the saturation slider at +100.







And this is literally in my sister’s backyard.




11 thoughts on “Fall Foliage

  1. Very clever with the glasses – but I do think actual filters are pretty cheap, LOL! ( I kind of inherited one though so I’m not sure) I still haven’t taken any great foliage shots. Need to remedy that.

    • I think I paid $50 for my 50mm polarizing filter. It’s not the money it’s just that I wonder, with the beauty of editing, if it’s necessary.

  2. I love seeing your pictures and knowing exactly where they were taken. Sometimes, it is crazy that this happens around us because we take it for granted. I haven’t been able to get out to take many shots so it was lovely to see yours. Would you mind if I shared this link to you images on our Inn blog?


  3. Wow. the colors are really amazing!
    I just wish that Switzerland would lool like this during fall… But the colors never get so intense over here! Too bad….
    Viele Grusse, Kristina

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