Picture Fall: Good Day Sunshine!

Good day sunshine

Today’s prompt:

What happens when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks? You find your own sun of course! Although the fruits of summer have gone, fall brings all kinds of gifts. With a bounty of pomegranates, pumpkins and persimmons there is no shortage of sunshine substitution. A burst of round, ripe sunny color can totally transform the gloomy grays that may be lurking outside.

I didn’t exactly follow the prompt. Not even close. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph the fermenting apples that we have in the house nor could I afford the time to drive to the grocery store to buy the fruit. And with 3 days of rain in the forecast I wanted to take advantage of every last ray. Not sure of the variety of daisy this may be but it is the very last perennial to bloom in my yard, in fact it was just last week that they opened. They grow on woody stems that don’t die back to the earth. I have to trim them severely each spring otherwise they get very leggy and unattractive.


Along with a friend, I took Stella up into the orchard for her walk that buys me computer time for the remainder of the school day. Although I am loving the Photoshop class it is very time consuming. The colors up in the orchard are still so vibrant. Hopefully they’ll last another week or two.

Rice's Orchard

There were a few sweet treasures to be found including this milkweed seed stuck on a branch.

milkweed seed

And the bittersweet which is very invasive but oh so pretty!




4 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Good Day Sunshine!

  1. I didn’t know those were bittersweet. I see those things everywhere. Thank you for the information. That shot of it twisting around the branch is really nicely done.
    I hope the color in the orchard lasts too! Headed for a quick Cape visit Saturday morning, so I don’t think I’ll make it to the preserve for at least another week, and I’m hoping to get there before the decent weather is gone.

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