Picture Fall: Muse


Today’s prompt:

There’s no telling when inspiration might strike. The world is full of muses and each person is inspired at different times by different things. I have found that my creative bursts come and go in phases. Sometimes it’s a mere thought or maybe a quote. Other times it’s a particular style of shooting or a new piece of equipment that does it. Lately it’s been this new vintage camera…swoon.

What has been a muse for you lately? Whether it’s a person, place or thing, honor it today by seeing it through your lens.

Each year I plant and nurture pumpkins, some years the rewards are better than others and I always have high hopes. This year, from three plants, I got just these two which are the size of softballs.


3 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Muse

  1. Oh pumpkins! An adorable picture, but not an easy crop is it? I’ve tried in previous years to grow gloriously large pumpkins, and I, too, end up with softballs!

    • I think it’s my soil. I have a lot of conditioning to do. Also, I don’t water right, either too much or not enough. My Mom stuck a seed in the ground on the side of the house not even in the garden one spring and it was most successful plant yet.

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