Picture Fall: Darks and Lights


Today’s prompt:

With the sun setting earlier and earlier each evening, it’s easier to really notice the sky’s transformation from day to night. There is something mysterious about an autumn sky. When you shoot your subject against the dusk, you can capture pretty amazing silhouettes. This gives you the opportunity to focus your editing on one major element: the color of the sky.

Shoot a silhouette today and then take that shot into your photo-editing software and play with sky treatments. Light, darks, contrast, vignettes, color…whatever tickles your autumn fancy!

The sky cooperated and I didn’t have to do any editing other than a slight vignette and a small crop at the top. This shot was taken in the evening just as the sun was setting. I did take another shot this morning as the sun was rising because, around here, you can never be guaranteed a full day of sun.

Pampas grass

I did edit the sky color in this shot but I didn’t really have to. I took the blue out and replaced it with purple giving it a sunrisey feeling.

5 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Darks and Lights

  1. Oh, wow, Rebecca! I can’t believe we both took a picture of decorative grass and made a purple sky background! All this is getting just a little strange, don’t you think? 😉

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