Picture Fall: Family Matters

Family Matters

Today’s prompt:

Today, figure out how to use your self-timer (yes, almost every camera has one). Set up your family shot, leaving a little room for yourself, hit the shutter and make a mad dash for your position before your camera clicks. It’s the season of gratitude; show how grateful you are for your own family unit, whatever it looks like.

And the fun, more like us, picture:

Family Matters Fun

And yes, Dad, no one broke a leg.


10 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Family Matters

    • That rock is in our front yard and it’s the neighbors driveway across the street lined by the beautiful colors. The neighbors spend thousands of dollars each year on their landscaping just for my viewing pleasure. lol

  1. Such cute pics! I love Stella poking out in the middle of the first, but the 2nd shot is fun! I saw another shot in the gallery with a family in motion and told Meghan we were going to do that next year on the beach, but she frowned and said that it was a pose from “High School Musical”!

    • LOL High School Musical! She would know. Obviously our instructor doesn’t know how passe it is since she chose that photo to feature. lol

  2. I’m working my way backward through the pictures I’ve missed… I LOVE these!! Great job. Your whole family is beautiful!! Stella does look a bit like a vulture in the first one – lol. You’ve inspired me to try to figure out my self-timer. 🙂

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