Picture Fall: Fall Colors

Solo sumac

Solo sumac.

Today’s prompt:

The turning of the seasons can bring with it colorful displays. Even in California, signs of the changing can be discovered, when you really look.

Shoot something today that boasts rich, quintessential colors of fall.

I took 85! photos today. I did something I’ve been meaning to do but have just been too busy to prioritize. I took a drive (for the locals) up Burleigh over to Hampden. It is so scenic with working farms, rolling hillside, barns, etc. It would have been prettier on a sunny day but still, it didn’t disappoint. So I had many great photos to choose from but I really loved the composition and depth of field straight out of the camera with the above. I did a little editing with contrast, sharpening and a slight vignette.

Here are a few more of my favorites.

soft and wired

I loved the contrast or juxtaposition of the soft milkweed against the barbed wire.

yellow forest

A lot of the reds are gone but the yellows and golds are brilliant and blinding.

Free fall all

Just a few leaves left on this tree.

These shots were all taken close up with my 24-70mm wide angle lens. No cropping. Love this lens.


7 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Fall Colors

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 Today was a gorgeous fall day, Indian Summer as they say. Mid-70’s and just awesome.

  1. Oh I haven’t driven out that way in years and years! Kissed my hubby for the first time ever on Burleigh Rd! :-O
    Beautiful shots! I imagine it would’ve been glorious out there today while the sun came out and we enjoyed that 70 degree weather.

    • You were parking on Burleigh? That’s dangerous! Each time I stopped the car I had to put my 4-way flashers on since there was nowhere to pull off.

      About 2 weeks ago the scenery would have been perfect. Many trees have lost their leaves but there is still so much beauty to be seen.

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