Picture Fall: Leafy Love

Spider leaf

Today’s prompt:

Everyone knows that the symbol for this season is the falling leaf. The glorious texture, color, and shape of these treasures never ceases to amaze me. No two are ever alike and I never tire of shooting images of them.

Find a way to capture a leaf, or leaves today that says something totally new.

How many ways can you capture a leaf? Another leaf prompt and despite others tiring of it I used this prompt to have fun. Two ideas that formulated over the day… the Japanese maple leaf that you see above I plucked off the tree and stuck it in a web. I had visions of sticking it on a lovely web with water glistening but it seems that all of the spiders have pulled a Charlotte and retired for the year. This web was mangled in the corner of the house. I also added a texture from Picnik that resembles a web.

Life (leaf) boat

Then, later, I came up with the life (leaf) boat. I had the kids help me out with the life vest wearing Lego.


5 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Leafy Love

  1. You had much more luck today than I did! By the time I was home for any amount of time today, the weather just wasn’t cooperating. The lego life boat is adorable.

  2. LOL Love the Lego life boat!
    Japanese maples are some of my favorite trees. Even in TX you’re guaranteed to see their beautiful fall colores (if you can find a Japanese maple! But I know where there is at least one.)

    • Some years my Japanese maple just turns yellow then brown before shedding the leaves. This year it’s quite colorful. Glad you get some color!

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