Picture Fall: Sweet Relief and a Jack O’Platter

Sweet Relief

Today’s prompt:

What’s more, this is the time of year where baking sounds good to everyone…even those of us that aren’t particularly fond of spending too much time in the kitchen. The beauty of using our cameras to capture all the sweet stuff is that it just might distract us from actually eating it. Or not.

Jack O'Platter

Not so sweet, well besides the carrots, was the platter I put together for a class of 2nd graders. According to my son only 5 kids ate the black olives.


3 thoughts on “Picture Fall: Sweet Relief and a Jack O’Platter

  1. I LOVE this pumpkin! Creative. I noticed at the grocery store yesterday that some baby carrots were packaged in Halloween decorated, single-sized bags like candy in the produce section. I was tempted to buy some and hand them out tomorrow night, but my 6-year-old (and my husband) would rebel in a serious way and never let me live it down.

  2. Ooh, I love the new look of your blog!

    Your pumpkin platter is cute. Both my girls would have eaten the black olives (yuck!) and Sara (the 7-year-old) is a little cheese monsterm too. Not sure about the carrots, sometimes they like them, sometimes they don’t. Me? I’ll have a cookie 🙂

    • WordPress offered up this new design, it’s called Grunge. I like it and it will have to do until I can figure our how to design my own. I want my photos bigger and my sidebars smaller.

      I LOVE black olives and have worn one on each finger at Thanksgiving since I was a kid.

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