3 days of Gratitude

Red berries

I’m grateful for red berries that will give us color when all the leaves have faded. I’m grateful for Kim Klassen and her free textures. I’m grateful for having the brain power to learn a new trick… Photoshop and the use of textures.

Dog nap

I’m grateful for the genuine love that Griffin has for Stella.

Bitttersweet Chicadee

And I’m so grateful to be able to feed the birds again but it’s also bittersweet,this summer, our big ole black and white kitty, Disco, disappeared. He was a cool cat and we miss him. I haven’t fed the birds in years since it would be luring them to an inevitable demise. Yesterday, I went out and bought bird feeders and seed and today they were literally flocking to the feeders. It will be a bright spot in the long winter ahead.


6 thoughts on “3 days of Gratitude

    • It really worked with the two out of focus berries. I was able to cover them with texture and focus on the berry that was in focus.

  1. That is a beautiful bird feeder. I keep meaning to fill mine with seed, but the squirrels usually end up getting more of the seed than the birds despite the feeder being supposedly “squirrel-proof.”

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