Get the Skinny-Mini


I’m taking this free Skinny-Mini eCourse from Kim Klassen the texture Goddess. It’s some more basic Photoshop skills but I’m hoping that she’ll get into applying her textures and/or other tricks that I haven’t learned yet. The focus is Photoshop Elements but it can easily be translated into CS.

Click this button for more info.

Kim Klassen Cafe

The top photo is from the first lesson re: adding text, a skill that I already have but she also gave us the link to the cool free font. The picture is from 2 days ago when we woke to the slushy white stuff. I had no idea that the flower head formed a heart until I was searching for a word to add to the photo. D’oh! But certainly a cool find.

Here’s my photo from day 2’s lesson, same basic idea as lesson 1.


The lessons are quick and easy which is my speed right about now.


4 thoughts on “Get the Skinny-Mini

  1. Becky, I just signed up for that Photoshop course – thanks for posting the link! I don’t know how I’m going to fit it in, but I couldn’t pass it up. I’m taking the one that starts in December. 🙂

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