pecan pie

I am grateful to the amazing and talented people who share so much information freely. Such as Kim Klassen and her free Skinny-Mini eCourse and The Pioneer Woman who added 10lbs onto my frame this weekend. Pictured above is The Pie That’ll Make You Cry. Also, made but not pictured is Soul Sweet ‘Taters and I cannot even tell you how awesome this dish is! I say is because we have tons of leftovers and even had it for breakfast. I’m thankful to my friends for being my Thanksgiving test kitchen this weekend.

shadow puppets

My black and white was inspired by my kids and the shadow puppet fun they found yesterday.

Today I’m grateful to myself for finally finishing the final exam for my Photoshop class and getting that monkey off my back (I passed. Yay!). Also, I’m grateful for a warm November weekend. And, finally, giving myself permission to not take one photo today although the day’s not done so there’s still time. : )


9 thoughts on “Yum!

  1. That’s funny, I made that sweet potato dish too. I substituted almonds for the pecans (blech). I liked the sweet potato part but the topping was way too sweet for my liking. I am thinking I will make it for Tgiving but put something else on the top. Maybe panko breadcrumbs.

    • Almonds? They would be too hard I would think. We like the topping as is but thought that there could be less sweetener in the sweet potato.

  2. My husband is not a fan of sweet potatoes at ALL, but I showed him the photos, and he said he’s willing to try it. I love sweet potatoes and plan to try that recipe this year. Thanks for posting! And congrats on passing the Photoshop course. 🙂

    • Thanks, Rebecca. Let me know whether or not your husband likes it. I’m a huge sweet potato fan. Have you ever had sweet potato quesadillas? I make them sometimes with goat cheese.

      • I’ve never made sweet potato quesadillas – and have never heard of them! I’m sure I’d like them … not so sure about the rest of the family, though. Maybe if they like the other recipe I’ll take a chance.

  3. Caught you! Food sneaking on to your blog and you telling me you are not a fan of cooking, LOL! 😉
    I was wondering what the cry-worthy pie was – hadn’t been back to PDub to check it out.

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