Buying Spring

Tulip texture

Grateful that even though the growing season is over I can still buy spring to display indoors. This is the result of my homework from Day 6 of Kim Klassen’s Skinny-Mini eCourse. Have I mentioned how awesome this class is? First, it takes very little time. Second, you will be totally amazed by what you can do with layers and textures. If you are on the fence considering whether or not to take it, DO it! She has a new class starting in December.

Black and white berries

These weed berries grew in between my shrubs on the side of the house. They were pretty when alive, the berries dark and the leaves chartreuse and the stems magenta. I didn’t photograph them at the time but yesterday, in my search for what would work well in black and white, I found they stood out well against the rhododendron leaves.


6 thoughts on “Buying Spring

    • I just look for high contrast and luck out, I guess. Sometimes I just go through my photos and try them out to see whether or not it works. Picasa makes it easy like that.

  1. Love them both! The tulip looks great with the texture, almost like a stone bird bath.
    The flower behind the berries reminds me of fireworks. I bet those berries (as pretty as they sound in color) look even better in b&w.

    Btw. another fun way to play with textures, is to only apply them to part of the picture. I’ve done that a few times with flowers, where I used the texture only on the background, and erased it over the flower to make it stand out more. I wouldn’t change a thing on that tulip picture, though!

  2. I did erase some of the texture from the stamens and where the tulip has a lot of orange. And, later, I’ll post a pumpkin that I erased the texture off the seeds. It’s magic and I love it!

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