Ticks, puppies (or not!), pumpkins, peace and inspiration (Whew!)

The cone of shame

Poor Stella was spayed. It was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago but she got sick the weekend before the appointment with a tick disease called ehrlichiosis so she went on antibiotics. Our previous dog, Logan, had it several times. Damn ticks. So, the weekend after she was supposed to be spayed, our completely irresponsible neighbors dog violated Stella. I had said earlier in the day when the dog was in our yard that I bet it was a he and that he wasn’t neutered since this neighbor has a bad rep with a former dog AND we caught them stealing our firewood. So, sho ’nuff, Stella goes into heat and then at her spay appt. we find out that she’s pregnant. Argh! But now that’s taken care of. They would have been butt ugly puppies anyway. Now poor Stella is a sad sack and hates the damn cone more than her stitches. Two weeks! she’s supposed to wear this thing. Good thing it’s not summer the way she slams the cone into my shins. All this to say that today I’m grateful that Stella is healthy, survived being pregnant and spayed, and will be her old self soon.

Squirrels work

The squirrels are grateful for the decorative pumpkins that are displayed around the yard.

Pumpkin hollow

In this image I used Kim Klassen textures, old world and coffee tea or me.

Peace black and white

Peace is not black and white.

I was contacted by a former Picture Summer classmate, Hillary, of eyechai who said that she was inspired by a photo of mine posted in the classroom this past summer and wanted to know if I wouldn’t mind if she used it on her blog since she recreated her own interpretation. I was very flattered. Check it out here. Thanks, Hillary, and great job!

7 thoughts on “Ticks, puppies (or not!), pumpkins, peace and inspiration (Whew!)

  1. Aw! Poor Stella. What an ordeal. I’m surprised she had to be sent home with the cone. My Daphne didn’t have one when she was spayed, nor Teddy when neutered.

    • Did they pull out the stitches? I’ve been taking her cone off for short bits of time but I think her belly must be really itching her since she keeps trying to scratch and lick.

  2. Oh, Stella looks so miserable! 😦 Sorry for the ordeal and hope she’s feeling better soon. I remember that awesome blueberry photo – very cool that it inspired another photographer to create her own take on it.

  3. Poor Stella, hope she feels better soon!
    That’s a great way to get rid of a pumpkin! We still have Sara’s from Halloween, and maybe I’ll just take all the decorations off and set it outside for the squirrels (and lurk with my camera!)
    Love the Peace sign, with all the different textures… they could represent all the different nationalities, and the whole could be a take on “Peace on Earth”.

    • “Peace on Earth”, wouldn’t that be nice. 🙂 The peace sign used to be really colorful but the sun bleached it right out.

      I saw a squirrel on one of my pumpkins today and thought of you. I didn’t have my camera close by. 😦

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