Sparkle and Bliss

Berry Sparkle

What a treat to find this rain drop sun flare! I didn’t apply the rule of 1/3’s to this image. Usually I don’t crop my images and try to adhere to the rule of 1/3’s when taking the picture with my camera. In this shot there was a lot of uninteresting parts but heavy with content at the top. And I just couldn’t bring myself to crop out the branch bokeh. What do you think? Back to the drawing (cropping) board? And, as always, it looks so much better BIG if you click on through to Flickr.


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8 thoughts on “Sparkle and Bliss

  1. Beautiful!! I think the berry picture really works.
    The berries are in the lower 1/3 of the image, so the rule of thirds does apply here.
    Love the bokeh in the second one.

    I always try to apply the rule of thirds in-camera, too, but still crop all my pictures (I prefer the 3.5×5 crop to the 4×6)

    • Crop happens! You’ve found your style. I think I’m still searching for mine. Probably always will be. πŸ™‚ I kept looking at that photo of the berries and it just didn’t look right so thanks for thinking that it works. I did decide to make it into my banner and am much more pleased with that image.

  2. I LOVE the water droplet flare – and that photo is so beautiful. I really like it as your banner, too. As for the rule of thirds, I think you have to go with what works for the individual photo (and I like this photo the way it is). My philosophy is that you learn the rules, and then you break them. Kind of like learning to draw a perfect human figure and then going beyond that to create abstract art.

  3. thanks so much for your lovely comment this morning at Mortal Muses. I found your blog–yay!

    These are beautiful photos, and that first one really caught my eye when I first spotted it on Flickr.

    Have a great weekend.

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