Smiling soup

Smiling Soup

Had to share this picture. I was making this incredibly awesome soup from Smitten Kitchen called Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup when, as I was stirring, it smiled at me.  It smiled at me because it was so happy that I wasn’t going to put ham in it as the recipe requires.  I also substituted chicken broth for beef and Cabernet vinegar for sherry vinegar.  And since I don’t like onions I used shallots instead.  See, Karen, why I could never be part of a food blog swap. 😉


4 thoughts on “Smiling soup

    • What!? You live in the south and don’t like beans? I’m trying to picture in my mind a smiling grape and can’t quite create that image.

  1. Oh, but of course you could, Becky! Between my sister and me, I wonder if either of us have ever actually made a recipe exactly as stated. We are kind of known for substitutions. We will share recipes but say, Oh I did this instead or I didn’t have any of that so I used this.
    Cool smile!
    I grew a tomato with a nose once! We called it Barbra Streisato. 😉

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