So many edits, so little time…


Our final exercise in the Kim Klassen Skinny-Mini eCourse was black and white. The more I learn about Photoshop the more I find that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. In my Photoshop class we were taught to go black and white from the Image->Adjustments drop down menu, with Kim we used the Layers panel. The above image is straight out of the camera, well, besides a crop.

Black and white

This image is black and white with edits. I painted white where his under eye dark circles are located and then lowered the opacity and they vanished, not completely because that looks weird but enough so he doesn’t look over-tired. I wish I could use this edit on myself all day long.

Black and white with the hint of natural eye coloring

This image I brought back just a bit of color in his eyes. I love his green eye color and love when I can catch it in just the right light. I imagine the girls that will one day gaze into those eyes and then I get weepy about him growing up.

Black and white with a little bit of color revealed.

This was made by making it black and white and then bringing back a bit of color, again, reducing the opacity.

Black and white with a brown color overlay

This is my personal favorite. It reminds me of old photos seen of the Kennedy’s, the treatment, not the kid. I added a brown overlay to the black and white and lowered the opacity. Btw – don’t search Google Images for JFK because they include post gun shots of JFK, JFK Jr., Ted, Eunice and then you get depressed. ugh.

I have a little craft project that I’ve done with the kids and had visitors help out with as well. I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow since it’s all about being grateful.

3 thoughts on “So many edits, so little time…

  1. B&W’s are tough for me. I usually use a plug-in and then play a bit more with toning and curves, etc. until I come up with something that I like.
    The last one does remind me of old pictures and I like it a lot, but my ersonal favorite is the second b&w.

  2. Love these, and I can’t wait to take that Photoshop course. I love all the different variations you’ve shown here – and reducing shadows under eyes will be a handy trick to know. I’d like to use that on myself, too. šŸ™‚

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