Grateful table

Grateful table

I saw a similar idea online, but I didn’t save the link, so this is not completely my own. The one online utilized grape vine (I think) and draped it in front of a mantel. My take on it was to form a centerpiece in the middle of the dining room table.

Grateful table

I had the kids trace leaves of their own design.

Grateful table

Grateful table

This lasted for about 3 leaves and then I had to pay them each a dollar to finish.

Grateful table

We used a paper punch to make a hole and slide them on a branch.

Grateful table

The bittersweet was found on my back hill. That was after searching locally for grape vine. I’m glad that I didn’t find the grape vine since the bittersweet is so much more festive.

Grateful table

I asked the kids and each visitor to our home to write something they are thankful/grateful (no rules, I think someone even wrote “girls”) for and add it to the display.

Grateful table


5 thoughts on “Grateful table

  1. What a lovely take on the idea you saw. I love the colors in the photos. I especially like those little hands drawing their leaves. Did you make the runner? Very nice indeed!

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