Smith College Fall Chrysanthemum Show

Spikey mum

I was finally able to visit Smith College on the last day of the Fall Chrysanthemum Show. And even though some of the mums were a bit weary it sure didn’t disappoint. The colors, gorgeous, the varieties and textures, endless.

Magenta mum

Pink curls

Peachy mum

ecru mum

reaching mum

Buddha mum

scarlet mum

friendly mum

Heady mum

daisy mum

macro curl

These folllowing are orchids found in one of the many greenhouses that are open to visitors.

freak show orchid

parachuting orchid

I thought that this one looked like a parachutist.

It was so nice to see so much color when all has faded now that we are deep into fall.


5 thoughts on “Smith College Fall Chrysanthemum Show

  1. Oh I just heard about this show for the first time this year! I know about the spring bulb show and have gone to that for many years, but I never knew about the mum show. I really would’ve liked to see that. Maybe next year. Your pictures are gorgeous!

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