Finally! New jewelry.

Camera charm necklace

I have several half finished jewelry projects in the works and today I was able to finally finish one. I saw this camera charm in a catalog and knew that I must make something for myself utilizing it.

Camera charm necklace

The photo in the charm had to also have deep meaning and I chose this photo that I took this summer in Maine of my son holding a heart shaped rock up to the sky. I remember right where we were standing and if I concentrate really hard I can almost hear the waves and smell the ocean.

Camera charm necklace

This past summer’s vacation was the best, filled with memories I’ll treasure always.

Camera charm necklace

The camera has a small faceted jewel in the lens but it’s not a diamond since I would use that kind of money on real camera equipment. The bead charm is faceted jasper.

Camera charm necklace

I’ve been wearing it for half the day and it mostly hangs like this but with movement the photo is uncovered. Charms are strung on an 18″ sterling silver chain.

If anyone is interested in something similar let me know. I can absolutely place your own photos in the frame. Kids would be cute, too. Also, if there is another hobby that you enjoy I could search for the appropriate charm.

You can email me at:

6 thoughts on “Finally! New jewelry.

  1. I love, love, LOVE this!!! I wish you had posted this a few weeks earlier, because I just bought a necklace with a camera charm….. but like yours so much better!
    I’m definitely going to keep it in mind for the future.
    How big is the little frame, and how much do you charge for the necklace?

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