Holiday lights

Christmas lights

It’s not yet been a full year since I decided to really focus on my photography so I don’t have an arsenal of holiday photo archives. Sure I have the family snapshots but not the artistic shots that classes like Picture Spring, Summer and Fall have inspired. This week starts Picture the Holidays and I’m really looking forward to a month full of holiday color and inspiration.

Christmas lights

Today I pulled out one strand of lights to do a little trial run.

Christmas lights

The kids got into the spirit.

Christmas lights

Even Stella wanted to get in on the action.

Christmas lights

We’re considering getting our tree tomorrow which will be the earliest ever. I’m thinking that it will provide me with a lot more photo opportunities.


6 thoughts on “Holiday lights

  1. These pictures are pretty cool with the lighting, different in each shot! Did you end up getting your tree? I don’t know when we are getting ours, but I’d be afraid of having needles all over the place way before Christmas if we got it this early.
    Good luck with Picture the Holidays – I’m going to forgo this class (will probably do Picture Winter in Jan.) but I’ll look forward to seeing your shots!

    • It was fun taking the class with you in October and will miss having you join in but know it’s a busy time of year.

      We’ll see about those needles. I’ll do my best to keep it watered.

  2. Ooohh, can’t wait to see what you come up with every day! Your trial run got you off to a great start!
    My Christmas lights and decorations are still safely packed away in boxes, and I probably won’t even put up the tree until a week or two before Christmas.

  3. I love these Christmas light photos. One time years ago (before kids) I wrapped my husband, mother-in-law, family friend and me in white Christmas lights and used my self-timer to take some photos of us (head and shoulders) with the Christmas lights as the only light source. We were all wearing black and the room was dark, so it looked really cool and turned out great. I would post a picture, but that was back in the days of film and I don’t have it handy to scan. It’s a fun idea to play around with. đŸ™‚

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