O Christmas Tree!

Next year's tree?

So we did it, we got our tree in November. Earliest ever. The day was gorgeous and sunny and not too cold.

In the back

We went all the way to the back where the oldest and tallest trees are growing.

tree farm forest

This view into the sun had all the trees lit with natural sunlight.

Tree lights

A closeup of the natural lighting.

sticky fingers

Wondering when his interest in picking out the Christmas tree will fade. Enjoying his enthusiasm now.

Tree slaying

The tree has been slayed.


And looking forward to when they will be a bit more help.

one big tree

The tree is now standing in our house with only 2 strands of lights because the remainder didn’t work. Tomorrow I’ll share with you some of my motivation for getting our tree up so soon and it has everything to do with new photo gadgetry. Fun stuff.


6 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree!

  1. LOVE the 4th picture… and what a cute little baby tree in the first!
    There’s just nothing like a real tree, but sadly, they don’t last long here in TX because it’s just not cold enough to keep them fresh once they arrive at the stores. We found a tree farm several years ago, and cut one down, but all they had were strange looking trees, they weren’t your traditional Christmas trees. I don’t know what type of tree they were, but I didn’t like them at all. So now we stick with a fake one.
    Growing up in Germany, we always had a real one, with real candles!

    • I’d love to see a real Christmas tree with real candles. Sounds like a beautiful fire hazard!

      We’ve always had real trees. Growing up in Vermont we used to go out into the forest and cut down a tree – my parents worked for the Forest Service. It was always Charlie Brownish but well appreciated.

      If you can get a real tree down there I bet it’s pricey!

  2. I’ll see if I can dig up a picture for you.
    As long as you’re careful where you place the candles, and then watch them as they burn down, it’s not much to worry about. We did always have a bucket of water ready, just in case. My parents always put sparklers on the tree, too, when us kids saw it for the first time, and those did more damage than the candles, and left little burn holes in the carpet LOL

  3. Is that the place on Stony Hill Rd. in town? We’ve gone there a few times. We like a nice big tree too, but some of the cut-your-own places don’t offer the nice big-‘uns.

    • Yes, on Stony Hill. My other friend Karen gets hers in Hampden at Bilson’s? Not sure of the exact name, because they have good sized trees.

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