Why we got the tree so early (shh.. don’t tell my husband)

heart bokeh

I ordered this bokeh kit from Photojojo. If you are into photography you should sign up for the Photojojo newsletter, they have great tips and tutorials plus cool stuff in their shop.

I’ve seen many photos with heart shaped bokeh around the the ‘net and a couple years ago I even tried my own hand at making a paper construction lens cover with a heart cutout but I could never get it to work. So, when I saw this offered on Photojojo I couldn’t resist.

Star bokeh

The kit comes with many shapes, here you see a star but they have airplanes, butterflies, dolphins, etc. Perhaps 15 different shapes.

heart pine bokeh

They recommend using it at night with street lights but as you can see above the mid-day sun works great.

paw print bokeh

These are the Christmas lights that I’ve photographed at f/1.4 with a manual focus giving it as much blur as possible which creates the most crisp shapes. Go figure!

happy bokeh

daisy bokeh

This one I created myself with black construction paper and a paper punch.

If you want more information on shaped bokeh look here:

DIY – Create Your Own Bokeh

Removing The Mystery From The Heart Shaped Bokeh Thing


5 thoughts on “Why we got the tree so early (shh.. don’t tell my husband)

  1. OMG I’m SO going to order this!!!! I don’t know how I overlooked this, because I KNOW about that website and browsed through it just recently. No more painstakingly cutting out the shapes (I can’t make a star for the life of me! LOL). Merry Christmas to me!

    Your pictures are great! Love all the fun bokeh 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m looking for a snowflake paper punch with little luck. Seems they are in demand this time of year. It is fun to use these but some of the shapes are odd like the one for toxicity/poison?!?

  2. I saw those odd shapes… guess SOMEONE might have use for those. There are lots of cool shapes in the set, though, and if it saves me from having to make the filters myself, it’s worth getting a few odd ones.

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