Picture the Holidays: You Hold the Key

You hold the key

Today our prompt was to creatively capture what nurture’s us, what helps us keep perspective this time of year. My first choice would be jogging since, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really able to think clearly while I’m jogging.

Green holiday baubles

My second choice is jewelry making. When I’m making jewelry I am so focused on the process that I get lost in it. So lost that time slips by. I did that on Monday and forgot to bring a musical instrument to school and was reminded by a phone call from a perturbed 5th grader.

Blue holiday baubles

I also love photographing my jewelry. I love seeing it on screen and then editing it. I’m fortunate to be able to combine both of my favorite hobbies.


4 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: You Hold the Key

  1. Beautiful captures! Those green earrings are gorgeous! I would order those for myself for Christmas, except that I can’t wear earrings for long before my poor ears start itching like crazy.

    • I used to have that problem until I realized, like Young Wifey, that I was allergic to cheap metal. Have you tried sticking with the good stuff?

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