Picture the Holidays: Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Today’s prompt was a bit of a self-portrait challenge but with a lot of flexibility. I tried a couple shots of myself but I really wasn’t happy with them. As I was getting dressed and putting on my new Converse sneakers I had the beginnings of what would be the shot above. I went to the store and found these “purple” lights though they look pink when lit. I shot down at my feet from above but really didn’t like the composition so I then put my camera down on the floor and bent over and clicked. A total of 14 shots until I got what I was looking for.


10 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Express Yourself

  1. I’m glad you said how you did it! I was wondering if you used a timer! I love the way all of your shots tie in the holidays! Look at you with the purple converse!Stylin mom!!!

  2. you are flexible because from the way you described it, i don’t think i could bend and twist like that. perhaps i am just really out of shape and not giving myself enough credit. great job though. i love this!

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