Giving and Receiving

Needle felted acorn necklace

I have a fabulous group of friends in Nashville, TN. For me, it started in a birth class that I took while pregnant with Casey. The instructor, Angela, who was also pregnant with her second child, started an online community of women that she had taught in the class as well as friends of hers that were all primarily new mothers. We would also get together for playgroups, girl’s night out and cookie exchanges. Mostly, we were/are there for each other with advice and support. One of the wonderful things that they do is a “Chuckwagon” where a person who has just given birth is delivered meals locally by members of the online community. It is one of the most cherished memories that I have when I was delivered meals after the birth of Casey. I still own a container that one of our meals came in and I think of that time each time it’s used. The community has grown over the years and people have moved away so the Nashville Mamas are now a global community.

Needle felted acorn necklace

Not only are the Mamas lovely people they are also crafty, talented and smart. I posted at the beginning of this month about Angel and her needle felted balls that I turned into an ornament which I ended up sending to her. I also made her a pendant.

Needle felted acorn necklace

I sawed the copper leaf and hammered the veins. I wish that I was more experienced with the jewelers saw so I could have made an oak leaf. The cord is hemp which I knew Angel would appreciate. Her young son, Silas, will enjoy trying to grab the acorn. You can see Angel’s post here.

Secret Santa gift

We also do a Secret Santa each holiday. This year the limit was $20 and the gifts have to be primarily handmade. You can see what I made two years ago (sadly I wasn’t blogging last Dec. when I made last year’s gift), here. It’s so fun to see the unveiling online and the see the thought that has gone into each gift. The above photo is what I received from Queen Mama, Angela. She printed out my own photos, which I never do!, and framed one for the wall and two for the tree. She also sent me handmade chocolates and caramels made by another member of the group. I love it all so much!

2011 Photo Calendar

For my Secret Santa recipient I made a desk calendar found here. I requested photos from two other members of the group so I could make it personal. I also made her photo ornaments and BIG earrings.

I heart my Nashville Mamas!


13 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. Sounds like a wonderful group, you are so lucky to have them still – even though you moved away. Isn’t the internet wonderful? Thanks for joining in with MM today!

  2. How lucky to have this community of women! The acorn necklace is adorable! So simple, yet very special.
    I LOVE the photo that was printed for you! At first I thought the specks of color were part of it, but then realized they’re lights, reflecting in the glass.
    The calendar is a great idea, and the photos you chose are beautiful.

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