Picture the Holidays: The Season of Lights

The season of lights

Last year at this time I had no idea what bokeh meant nor had I ever heard the word. I still really don’t know how to say it. I don’t think I even picked up my camera to take any shots other than snapshots of family celebrating the holidays. This year it’s a whole new ball of wax or light as the case may be. I’m addicted and I think there will be a struggle when it comes to putting the lights away after Christmas.

Today’s prompt for my Picture the Holidays class as well as Mortal Muses photography blog is Lights. If you are a blogger who likes to take photos join in and link up with Mortal Muses as they do a prompt-a-day.

Christmas tree bokeh

I took several bokeh photos. The one above and below manually focusing the camera to blur the lights.


I’m loving these blue lights. Can I call it blukeh?

Garden art in winter

I even ventured out into the front garden to capture this image. If you look in the globe you can see my house on the left and the blue sky and tree silhouettes made by the setting sun on the right.


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