Picture the Holidays: Warm Glow

Warm glow

Today’s prompt was to capture the warm glow of candlelight. I recently visited Anthropologie which is hands down my favorite store. As soon as I walk into one of their stores I inhale deeply enjoying the amazing scents that linger. I also wouldn’t mind living in an Anthropologie store or at least have the ability to consult with their designers. The decor is so hip and unique. The shot above is as close as I’ll come to living in a store, this is the scent of Anthropologie.


I’ve had these oversize jingle bells for a couple years now. They have a great sound and make a striking decoration. Today I’m joining Mortal Muses for their prompt Bells.

Hydrangea wreath

And while I was photographing those bells I had a Martha Stewart moment when I saw the dead heads on my hydrangea bush and thought that they’d look lovely in my wreaths and they do!


7 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Warm Glow

  1. Aww, I love the jingle bells, their colors are really pretty, too!
    Forget the wreath, your door is GORGEOUS!! OK, the wreath is pretty, too 🙂 Love how the bow matches the color of the door.
    I can tell yours is real real, not real fake, like mine! LOL

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an Anthropologie store. I’ll have to check one out when I have the chance.
    Cool idea on the wreath!
    BTW, Meghan wanted you to know that she is around the next 2 weeks if you need a sitter so you can run out and finish any shopping or just need to get out of the house! LOL.

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