Picture the Holidays: Recharge


I could have easily chosen the less interesting version of ‘recharge’ for yesterday’s prompt. That would be the bottles of cough, cold and pain medication that I’m taking for whatever has got a hold on me right now. All that medicine was necessary to get me out the door last evening. But, illness aside, it was fun to dress up and attend two holiday parties. Going out on dates with my husband is a sure way for me to recharge and the best way to recharge our relationship.

Image above is straight out of the camera, there was no time for editing but I don’t think any was necessary. Also, a fun gift idea for the photog enthusiast is a wireless remote which I used in this shot. You can see the one that I have here.


7 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Recharge

  1. Straight from the camera? Wow! Well done!! I agree, no editing necessary. Great photo, and CUTE shoes!!
    A wireless remote is on my wish list (not necessarily Christmas wish list, just my wish list. I won’t be getting it for Christmas 😛 )

    Hope you feel better soon!

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