Picture the Holidays: Wrapped with Love

Wrapped with love

Stella had a brief preview of her Christmas present today. She liked what she smelled. Unfortunately, she has to wait 5 more days and the wait is torturing her just like it is the kids.

Later in the day I was getting in position to take a photo of this bulb.

Center stage

When miss thing thought somewhere between my camera and that bulb would be a good place to take a nap.

Stella asleep

Then, because I was laying on the floor, she thought she should move a little closer.

Stella cuddle

Stella hug

Stella tired

It’s moments like this that I have to remember when she’s chewing on the kids or the furniture.

4 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Wrapped with Love

  1. Aww, how sweet! Although laying down between you and that ornament was probably payback for making her wait five more days for her present! 😉
    Love the reflection pic! All my glass balls are matte finish, and I kept meaning to get some shiny ones, just for that purpose, but then never got around to it. A good ecxuse to hit the after Christmas clearance sale, right?

    Oh, and my kids are so lucky (or maybe I’M the lucky one?), they only have to wait until Christmas Eve to open their presents.

  2. So cute! I love the nose to the box! Looks like Stella gets a fancy Christmas gift. Did you have the camera on self-timer or were you able to reach it from where you were?

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