Picture the Holidays: Life is Sweet

Life is sweet

Life IS sweet. Despite being ill (dammit!) it’s so nice spending quality time with my family.

2010 Christmas tree

One of my goals for 2011… I’m really not a New Year’s goal maker… but I’d really like to stop being so lazy and use my tripod more frequently. It really does make a difference. The above is a photo of our tree from inside the house.

Christmas tree, looking in from outside

My husband built a fire in the fireplace and with the Christmas lights in the room it was so warm, festive and cozy. I’ve been enchanted with photos that I’ve seen of Christmas trees shot from the outdoors and into the house so I set my tripod out on the deck and tried it myself.

Christmas tree sihouette

Then I had the kids stand in the window so I could get a silhouette. Love how this came out.

You can find us here, in this room, tonight and all day tomorrow. Merry Christmas eve!

6 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Life is Sweet

  1. Merry Christmas Eve!!
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re still sick… hope you feel better really soon.

    OK, I’m TOTALLY stealing your idea next time I’m taste-testing new Hershey Kisses and need a way to photograph them! Are these the candy cane kisses? How do you like them?
    Your tree looks gorgeous, and now I realize what’s missing on my tree this year: candy canes! Completely forgot about them. Oh well.
    LOVE how the silhouette picture came out. Hallmark worthy!! One to consider for next year’s Christmas cards?

    • These are the candy can kisses and they are yummy. Kinda like peppermint bark without the chocolate. I found the big candy canes that are on our tree at Home Depot. They are from the Martha Stewart Christmas line.

      Yes, may have to consider the silhouette for next year.

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