Picture the Holidays: A Breath of Fresh Air

A breath of fresh air

Kim Klassen Peace texture

Today’s prompt was to get outside, feel and smell the air and take in the wonder all around you. This morning we had blizzard conditions followed by wind chills of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I only went outside when I had to make a trip to the grocery store and bus the kids to their friends house. I wasn’t going to wander aimlessly outside on a day like this.

Unknown bird

I did, however, set up the tripod indoors and photograph the birds through the window.


My husband surprised me with a new lens for Christmas, a 100-400 zoom lens. My other zoom lens is perhaps 20 years old and not meant for digital but has gotten me by when necessary. This lens is a beast, it’s so heavy that it mounts directly on the tripod.

Red on white

My mother’s favorite bird has always been the cardinal. She even names them Rachel and Reginald. This is Reginald.


The wind blew giving this cardinal quite the hip do.

I overexposed for the snow, I tried 1 stop and it wasn’t enough, 3 was too much and 2 also wasn’t enough so I had to go slightly past 2. Since I’ve never photographed snow in anything but Program mode on my camera I’m going to have to experiment with this quite a bit more.


8 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. What a sweet hubby you have! Wish mine would have surprised me with a camera gadget, there’s plenty of them on my wish list, but mope, the mug was IT, and it wasn’t even a surprise.

    Great shots! The first one is my favorite, I love the texture with it.

  2. Wowee on the new lens!!! I hope I’ll get to see it some time. Your bird pics are wonderful! You have the touch for them it seems – I remember your great hummingbird shots from summer. Love Reginald’s do!

  3. what truly beautiful photographs, gorgeous captures and the colour of the cardinal is amazing! your zoom lens sounds great. Good luck with the half marathon, how long does it normally take you to run one? I have got a place in the london marathon and am doing a very very slow programme, I’ve done half marathons but never a marathon before have you?

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