Picture the Holidays: Now, There’s No Looking Back.

No looking back

Today’s prompt: Turning your back on something doesn’t have to be a negative. It can be a sign that the old ways of doing things are no longer needed as you embrace the new.

Sledding mishap

After another afternoon of sledding we went to Friendly’s for lunch and ice cream. I had the prompt in my head and wasn’t sure what I would do with it until I was sitting there staring at the above sundae. The sundae is my old way of doing things as I transition into 1/2 marathon training mode. I’ll back off on the sundaes for a while until I’ve got a good jogging rhythm down.

Soul sipper

The lighting was nice inside of Friendly’s so I took several shots of the kids.

Hot chocolate

There were plenty of silly moments and we even had other patrons laughing.

An ice cream surprise


5 thoughts on “Picture the Holidays: Now, There’s No Looking Back.

  1. Hey, your whipped cream is missing! What’s a sundae without whipped cream? Did I ever tell you Friendly’s is where I met my husband? I scooped ice cream and he was a cook! In that very Friendly’s in your pictures.
    Best of luck with your training! When is the marathon?

    • I wondered if anyone would notice that the whipped cream was missing. It’s not that I don’t like it it just does nothing to enhance my sundae experience plus I don’t like cherries. Under that layer of almonds is vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and peanut butter sauce, my fav! That’s so fun that you met your husband there! The marathon is in May.

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