Giving Rejardin

"M" initial pendant in sterling silver

It wasn’t all about photography during the 2010 holiday season. Although I didn’t post a lot of new pieces in my shop, Rejardin, I did find time to make a few things for gifts and special orders.

The above pendant is a hand shaped, hammered and tumbled for shine sterling silver M. I didn’t measure it before it left the building but I’m guessing it’s about 2″ in height.

Sky blue agate watch

Sky blue agate watch

Blue Cal Silica Watch

Blue Cal Silica watch

My Mother-In-Law gave me the challenge of this watch. She wanted one that would fit snugly on her wrist and since my expertise is in free-movement bracelets I had to learn a new skill. After much cussing frustration I was satisfied with how they came out and I think she was pleased as well. One for her, one for my Mom.

Copper and brass earrings

A special order. Earrings that look similar to these but shorter for someone with shorter hair.

Ice blue earrings

You may remember these earrings, well a friend really liked them and sent the link to her husband and he contacted me requesting a complimenting necklace. He was gracious enough to give me free reign and after a few days of thought I designed the following necklace comprised mostly of jade and sterling silver.

Light blue jade necklace

Ice blue Pendant

Back charm

Back charm

My favorite part is the back charm.

Daisy and copper earrings

A gift.

Hand stamped sterling silver pendant with copper

For me, by accident. I was making a special order Initial Pendant when I made a grievous error, long/short story but it had to do with roaming dogs and 11 degree temperatures. The initials on the back of this pendant are not mine and they are upside down. So, since it couldn’t be sold, I designed something for myself.

If you see anything you like here let me know, in most cases I can recreate the same item. I’m thinking that for Valentine’s Day I’ll be making more of these.


3 thoughts on “Giving Rejardin

  1. You make such beautiful jewelry! That certain pair of earrings is still my favorite, and I’m hoping hubby will order them around this time next month (if not, then I’ll order them myself after my birthday 😛 )

  2. I’ve gotten so many great comments on my ice earrings! And the other day I was wearing the stone “circle” necklace at Ollie’s appointment and his ped was raving about it. I think I want another necklace from you, but I’m not sure what kind yet.

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