Picture Winter: All the Possibilities

All the possibilities

Today’s prompt was to, “Be on the lookout today for something that speaks of promise or possibility – something hopeful, touching, soul stirring.” I did gave it a little thought this morning while hastily getting the kids ready to go back to school (boohoo) but really hadn’t come up with anything yet. My 7-year-old grabbed the candy canes that we had taken off the tree yesterday and asked if he could bring them to school to share with his friends. Then, as he sat down to eat his breakfast, he placed them on the table and made one heart and said, “I made a heart!” and then proceeded to make hearts with the remaining candy canes. He said, “I made 4 hearts!” and then counted by 2’s and was so proud of himself. I’d say that fulfilling this prompt couldn’t be more perfect… sharing, love and a little arithmetic.

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