Picture Winter: A Little Sunshine

A little sunshine

Today our prompt was to keep our eyes open for signs of the sun, “Find vibrant oranges, happy yellows, or even sunset reds in your objects.” As I was going through my morning blogroll I clicked on Life with my 3 Boybarians who runs a Sweet Shot Tuesday. As I was gazing through the many submissions one in particular caught my eye, Bubbly, from Photos to 40. I followed his inspiration here and attempted my own version. Let’s just say that it wasn’t easy. In the tutorial she talks about the window streaking on the glass, oh yeah. And how you cannot get this to work in natural light. So I had to dust off my Speedlite flash and give it new batteries, dig up white poster board and blue construction paper, miraculously find one lone can of seltzer water left here by a friend over 3 years ago.  Then I tried the shot in 4 different rooms in the house without success until I came back to the kitchen and held the kids white Macbook a foot or two over the flash so it bounced off and lit the orange successfully. You don’t want to know how many shots this took. That’s the beauty of digital.

A little sunshine (alt)

This is the same image but cropped a bit differently and rotated to mimic a sunrise or sunset.


12 thoughts on “Picture Winter: A Little Sunshine

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOT!!! One of my favorites from the entire Picture the Holidays and Picture Winter series. It has so much energy! (and it’s just a darn orange!) And I love the description of the process here. (I would love to know how many shots it took!) After seeing your photo, I tried a quickie version myself (an homage to you!)and it didn’t work at all, so I gave up and went a simple route instead. Thank you for your persistence. It certainly paid off!

  2. Hi Becky,
    Found your blog and it’s terrific! I absolutely love this photo from PW!!! It’s one that I’m looking forward to trying. Thanks for all the great shots and inspiration! ~ susan

  3. LOVE THIS!!!! What a cool shot! I’ve always wanted to try this… or dropping a strawberry into some seltzer and capture those bubbles (have yet to find the perfect container for that). I’ll have to look at your links and copycat. Or at least try to. 🙂

  4. Great shot Becky! I love the lightness of you background as well! One tip that wasn’t in Karli’s tutorial that I found helped a lot with the lighting issues: a polarizing filter. I use one whenever shooting liquid or glass, and particularly when shooting liquid IN glass. It drops out a lot of the reflections and minimized the glare very nicely.

  5. i LOVED this shot on picture winter. so unexpected and evocative and, simply, beautiful! what persistence you had to get the shot. good for you! i could do with more patience in my photography. anyway, just wanted to stop and let you know how much i loved this photo (and your blog!)

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