Picture Winter: Intended for Everyday Use

Intended for Everyday Use

It seems that the subject for my prompts have just fallen into my lap these past few days and this day was no exception. Today’s prompt was to pay “attention to what we use, eat, look at every single day, without fail.” The challenge in this was to capture something that wasn’t completely boring or to put it in a light to make it shine so to speak. I was just about to leave the house for a walk with Stella and a friend when our power went out. I had no idea how to get my garage door open so I called my friend who walked me through it (very simple). As I was pulling down the garage door it dawned on me (lightbulb!) that something we use every day and take so much for granted is electricity. While on the walk I thought of the many ways I could capture electricity or lack thereof. Decide on one of the many pieces of our everyday puzzle and get to know it a little better. Showcase it in your photo today and give it the recognition and appreciation it deserves. Adding the texture to this photo and making it look a lot prettier than it would otherwise was my way of appreciating electricity.

Dog walk 3

I also brought my camera along on the walk. I so enjoy these walks with my friend, Rachel. The dogs have an absolute blast and Rachel and I chat away.

Dog walk 4

Rachel and I chat about family, friends and school since our kids are close in age. In the spring we’ll chat about golf. 🙂

Dog walk 2

It’s definitely therapy for us and great exercise for the dogs.

Dog walk 1


4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Intended for Everyday Use

  1. what a nice use of texture in the electricity photo. you’re right, it adds a nice visual element. also, great shots of the dogs. i have such a hard time capturing quickly moving things (like my children!) that i really appreciate when others do it well. nice photos all around. see you at Picture Winter!

  2. Good friends are the best! 🙂
    Great idea for the prompt. I would have had a hard time deciding what to photograph (probably my coffee maker? It’s certainly getting a lot of use lately).
    I like your use of texture… and color of your wall.
    Hope you weren’t without power too long!

  3. Nice take on the prompt – and the day here in town yesterday! My power was back on when I got home from work but it wasn’t 100%; the lights were dim and appliances were underpowered.
    It looks an awful lot like you took “my” walk today – that looks like the powerline path I walk behind the Middle School.

  4. I like what you say about appreciating the things we use everyday! It’s so very true, and perhaps the key to happiness.

    If you don’t mind, I select a new image every week to feature on my blog as the Inspirimage or inspiring image of the week, and this week I would like to use your photograph. Naturally, I would include a link back to your blog as well as credit to your name. Just let me know if you’d rather I not.


    ~Dorian Wacquez

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