Picture Winter: Cracked Open

Cracked Open

When you were a kid did you ever play the game where you held your breath when driving by a cemetery so you wouldn’t be buried there? Here it’s a family ritual. Except, except for this cemetery. It’s a short distance from the house and here my kids breathe deep because they want to be buried here (their words).

Cracked and beautiful

Today I felt as if I were trespassing but then thought that I would appreciate a visit in 200+ years of someone photographing a stone placed in my honor.


Today’s prompt was based on the quote, “Everything has cracks in it. It’s how the light gets in.”
– Leonard Cohen

There are so many ways I could have captured cracks (eggs, butts, sidewalks) but I took it as an opportunity to explore somewhere that I probably would never visit otherwise.



4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Cracked Open

  1. That looks like an OLD cemetary. I’ve never heard of that game, but as kids we would avoid cemetaries because we were conviced that we’d get attacked by ghosts LOL

    Thanks for not posting butt cracks 😉

  2. That the one on Tinkham road? I remember being taken there as kid to do grave rubbings.
    That is a truly unique take on the prompt – nice work!
    (I did see that someone actually did post a butt crack yesterday!)

  3. These are stunning photos. Really moving. I’m sure the people buried here would have been honored to be a part of your story. And, I agree that taking pictures gives us great license to explore. I have found myself going places I never would have imagined, just to grab a shot. Yesterday, it even crossed my mind to get down on my belly in the middle of a busy shopping area by my office. I opted for “no,” but it was tempting… (heck, people could have walked over me! Ha!)

  4. I guess that was my brother thought too, he would have liked to be visited in 200 years … and I guess that was part of what crossed my mind when I visited that cemetery you saw.

    It´s funny, we don´t play that game here but we duck when we pass by a Funeral Home. Why? Because we don´t want they find a casket our size !!

    Beautiful photos!!!! You certainly found interesting cracks there, way more original than eggs and also with much more sentiment!

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