Picture Winter: Bundle Up

Bundle up!

First off… I was so excited to have my photo featured on Shutter Sisters today! You can see it here: promise by rejardin (becky sue).

Today’s prompt was to “Bundle up” and “showcase something from your winter wardrobe and distill what it is that warms not only your body but your soul”. I love the above colorful mittens, they are impossible to drive in but they get the job done on a walk or sledding.



I had the tripod set up to capture the top image and I was also taking a few selfie’s to see if I could get a good photo of my cute Anthropologie hat but I just can’t be happy with photos of myself. So, instead, I decided to just have some fun with the prompt.

Partially seen morning dove

Not prompt related… I took a ton of photos this weekend of our new fallen snow (around 5″). Hopefully I’ll find time soon to sort through them and share.


3 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Bundle Up

  1. I’m never happy with pictures of myself either. I’m MUCH more comfortable BEHIND the camera.
    Those mittens do look warm!
    Cute little bird you captured…. can’t wait to see more snow pics!

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