Picture Winter: Warm Your Heart

Warm Your Heart

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to do this but figured that the heart prompt would be at the end of this month and not so soon. I found this pre-lit heart last week at CVS Pharmacy and knew right away that it would make the most fab heart bokeh. In this shot the pre-lit heart is hanging in the window, I used my heart filter over my 50mm 1.4 lens and positioned the tiny candle on the dining room table. The big bonus came with the candle reflection in the window as added heart bokeh. I only did tiny edits, straightening and a small crop off the bottom.  This is also my submission for MCP Project 52 “Addicted to Love” by Florence and the Machine.

Hey Dude!

These were runners up for my Picture Winter submission. Poor kid could use some hand lotion.

Hi Love!

I fear that I’ve now used up all of my Valentine photo mojo.

Hi love! 2


9 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Warm Your Heart

  1. I’m really loving that heart filter! So cool! What a great idea you had. You’ll have to let me have a look at these filters sometime – I’m having a hard time picturing just how it works.

  2. Love this pic Becky. What did the heart light look like? Did it have two colors, is it a nightlight? I want to pick one up & try this. I have the filter & lens.

    • It does have two colors. It’s like a string of Christmas lights attached to wire in the shape of a heart. There’s red on the outside and pink on the inside and measures 12″ wide x 15″ high. It comes with a suction cup to hang in the window.

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