Picture Winter: Signs of Life

Signs of Life

I still wear my flip flops and I can’t/won’t give them up. I bought new slippers but they were too small and they don’t make them any bigger. Story of my life. Today’s prompt was to seek out signs “Of life. Of hope. Of beauty. Of all the wonder that is happening right under our noses.” Knowing that we were in for a big storm today I filled the bird feeders last night. Today, the feeders were busy with a variety of birds all day long. The birds sought refuge from the heavy snow on our front porch and when I looked out the window and saw the tiny footprints I knew I found my sign of life. So after a quickie pedicure I braved the cold. In the photo, above my feet, you can see two tiny bird print hearts.

Tulips on deck

I also created my own sign of life. I took red tulips outside in the snow in stark contrast with the 18″+ of snow.

Tulips on bench

Adding the spring green bench for even more contrast.

Tulips in the snow

The tulips seemed no worse for wear after spending 20 or so minutes outdoors. I should probably be more concerned about my camera.

Just what does 18″+ of snow look like? Ask Stella!


4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Signs of Life

  1. Cute flip-flops! (My favorite type of shoes, but not in the winter! I LIVE in them in the summer!)
    You’re absoluteky crazy for going out in the snow in flip-flops, no wonder you’re always cold! LOL
    They’re all great pictures. I think of the tulip ones I like the first one best… or the last one. Great video, too! Any more snow, and Stella would be tunneling through!

  2. Ahhh… something else we have in common, big feet! LOL Although the size women’s XL slippers usually fit me.
    That shot of Stella’s head popping through the snow is just too funny!!

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